December 2, 2015

MEDIA COMMENT: Enemy-supporting journalism

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Media Comment: Enemy-supporting journalism
Persistent reading reveals the pervasiveness of the paper’s editorial line, which makes its way into every possible section.
American actress and comedian Roseanne Barr apparently reads the English-language edition of Haaretz and as a result, exploded against Rogel Alpher, a columnist and blogger at the paper, on November 23. She became a media critic after reading his piece calling upon the Jews of France not to make aliya but rather to stay in France.

He added, as this paper reported: “Don’t flee Muslim fascism into the arms of Jewish fascism. Nothing for you in Israel… To emigrate from France to Israel now is like emigrating from Palestine to Nazi Germany in 1933… Israel has stopped being the Jewish state. It is a bi-national apartheid state…

The Zionist enterprise is dead. Committed suicide.”

Barr’s answer to Alpher was a very blunt and insulting tweet: “Stfu [shut the f*** up] privileged fat skinhead.”

Alpher’s reaction was, “she’s been for several years already very much psycho.”

Read more here.


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