January 23, 2006

Pieces of Peace (II)

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Amram Mitzna, chairman of the Labor Party, has been quite forthright in his declarations of the policies he intends to pursue, if he becomes Prime Minister.  Those declarations have led to a meeting with American Ambassador Dan Kurtzer, an invitation to visit UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and his emissary, MK Yossi Katz, has already been to Cairo chatting up President Hosni Mubarak.

What is so attractive about Mitzna, it would seem, is his position that he will not necessarily refuse to relate to Yasser Arafat as a partner and will seek to negotiate a withdrawal from Gaza not much different than what was done in Southern Lebanon.  Moreover, if the Palestinian side is not interested in negotiating, never mind, he will be willing unilaterally to retreat.

With MKs Tzali Reshef and Yuli Tamir, former Peace Now activists,  backing him, Miztna is obviously the choice of the more leftist wing of the party.

On May 4, 1948, the President of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, Judah Magnes, despite his advanced sickness (he was to die later in September), was received by the Secretary of the United States having left Palestine some two weeks earlier.  Magnes was one of Zionism’s foremost peace promoters, a pacifist, a Reform Rabbi and a behind-the-scenes go-between with the Grand Mufti since 1929.  He had come with an idea how to stop the fighting that had broken out when Arabs attacked Jews on the morrow of the Partition Resolution one half year earlier.

Mitzna himself has adopted a Magnes-like approach to solving the situation. 

The minutes (published in Foreign Relations of the U.S., 1948, Vol. V, Part 2, 1976, 901-904) show to what extremes peace activists can and will go, and what dangers they trigger in their quest.  Magnes’ solution for ending the hostilities was incredibly simple: he proposed that America cut off the donations made by the Jewish community to the Zionist movement in Palestine.  The record shows him saying: “the Jewish community in Palestine is an artificial development…if contributions from the United States were cut off, the Jewish war machine in Palestine would come to a halt for lack of financial fuel”.  Not content with that plan, Magnes sought to make sure that this “artificial development” would remain so when he insisted that a trusteeship be instituted.

Still unsure how the U.S. would act, the minutes read: “as Dr. Magnes was leaving, he asked permission to direct a very blunt question: ‘do you think there is any chance to impose a solution on Palestine’?”.  The Secretary, George C. Marshall, replied: “imposition of a regime implied the use of force…I did not think it was wise for the U.S. alone to take the responsibility for military commitments in Palestine”.  Marshall, though, facilitated a meeting between Magnes and President Harry S. Truman the  very next day.

Over a half century has elapsed and not much has changed.  The Arabs are still engaged in terror and violence.  Their religious leaders are now promoting suicidal bombings.  Supplied by Israel, the European Union and the United States with money, advice, training and other wherewithals, the Palestinian Authority prepared for and is now waging a campaign of death against Jews, foreign workers, tourists and others.  This campaign includes the brainwashing of schoolchildren through a mobilized curriculum of hate and the propagandizing of the population through a harnessed media system and press.

To this end, Yassir Arafat and colleagues have subjugated the Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, denied them democracy, embezzled the foreign contributions intended to improve their lives, abused their human rights, disallowed their civil liberties and refused all attempts to reform the corruption and lack of administrative transparency that set it.  No new “Palestine” was established but an old “Tunisia” was transferred to the shores of Gaza.

The essential venality of the entire enterprise has reached into Israel.  Soldiers and others addicted to drug have been selling weapons to Arabs, Israeli Arabs are participating in the terror, Arab MKs are serving foreign interests and subversively promoting the dismemberment of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state and former security agents, such as Yossi Ginossar, have been skimming profits in the many millions of dollars.

Again, the picture is repeating itself.  Faced one hundred years ago with the possibility of economic, health and social advancement, Arab nationalists rejected Zionism.  Up until 1922, they did so in the name of Southern Syria aspirations and then, chancing on a better idea, they opposed the Jewish National Homeland with Palestine.  Political violence began in 1920.  In the following years, in addition to the hundreds of Jewish dead, hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of Arab dead were sacrificed.  And all through the Mandate years, Jewish peace activists and even peace militants, sought to serve the Arab cause in a messianic self-dellusionary vision which sought to weaken Zionism.  Their goals included renouncing the very idea of a state, halting Jewish immigration, removing Jewish ‘colonies’ (as the kibbutzim and moshavot were termed, prior to the current ‘settlements’), rewarding Arab violence and, as the Magnes example indicates, the disarming of the Jews.  Nothing, it seems, would serve as an obstacle in the path of their peace.

Why Arafat should even consider talking with Mitzna given the already-promised end result is beyond logic, it seems.  However, all this activity can be understood if one realizes that the supreme value that has mutated into the status of the most-revered goal is peace.  Not a Jewish state, not a secure state, not an economical viable state but peace.  If that is the measuring stick, then all becomes clear.

This clarity, however, is an apparition of the blind.  It is immoral.  The enthusiasm, the passion, the excitement of struggling for peace, for human rights, all lead to a very real possibility of existential danger for Israel and further death and injury to its citizens, its guests and, in the end, to the Jewish dispersion.  Theirs is a peace of broken pieces.


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