January 23, 2006

Palestinian D-Day

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The underlying premise of the Oslo Process sought to avoid the reality of Palestinian society in general and in particular, the exomorphic entity, to borrow a linguistic term, which is the Palestine Liberation Organization. In a spin-off from the developing “post Zionism” at that time, in research as well as political and cultural circles, it is no wonder that the advance team sent ahead by Yossi Beilin, himself operating as Shimon Peres’ scout, were two academics. It can be assumed that their scholarly approach lacked the perspective needed to deal with terrorists seeking their prey.

Reviewing the past nine years of “Oslo”, the conclusions are fairly simple. Yassir Arafat and his fellow negotiators, never intended to seek a compromise in any form, qualitative or quantitative. Their expectations were that all of the territories administered by Israel were to become a Palestinian state in toto. In fact, Peres, Beilin and Uri Savir (all three have yet to decide who among them was the true ‘hero’ of the Oslo negotiations), most probably knew that fact. That they have never apologized nor expressed any form of contrition for the way the Palestinians have reneged on the process is an indication that the were fully aware of what they were doing: creating a Palestinian state. They may have sought to disguise the outcome of the process but they knew from the outset that it was a straight line from “Gaza-Jericho First”to “And Last, Israel”.

Palestinian society, ever since the Mandate days, has proven incapable of defending itself from fanatic nationalists and extreme religious rabble-rousers.

Although their economic status has improved, their education level has increased and their ability to receive up-to-date and reliable communications is quite modernized, the behavior is unchanged. Just as they were manipulated and exploited by Haj Amin El-Husseini, just as they were convinced to support the gangs of Azi A-Din el-Kassam and Fauji Kawakji during the 1930s and just as they were active during the main fedayeen period of 1951-56, the Palestinian peasant and city-dweller has let himself be the fodder for irrational violence.


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